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Bunny onesie a unique popularity

the rabbit, affectionate and sweet animal of the first category, cuddly and clean, the rabbit loves cleanliness just as much as the cat and of course, it loves to be cuddled and pampered, but beware! not just any way.

In costume or as a mascot, bunnies aren't just around for Easter.

It is a being that we like to identify with being able to represent certain people because of its character. And then gentlemen, admit that your wife or child in a Bunny onesie, it's too cute!

It's only natural that the rabbit finds its place in the world of kigurumis alongside the most popular animals such as the Bear, the panda, the koala or even the elephant onesies.

Did you know that? Since the beginning of the 21st century, the stuffed rabbit has taken the spotlight from the traditional teddy bear. So, how about being a large format comforter?

An interesting idea, because, this is our line of bunny pajama suits that we are presenting to you today!

This way, Rabbit lovers:

Symbol of the alliance between comfort and aestheticism, our bunny onesies will also allow you to meet fascinating animals during your trips to the four corners of the world.

Weasels, ferrets, beavers, deer, all will want to be your friends when you point your little snout and your big ears.

And it's understandable: these small furry mammals are such endearing herbivores that you'll want to carry them around the house and show them off to the world at events of all kinds.

The hares and bunnies that we've used as inspiration for our bunny onesies are so friendly that even foxes won't dare to mess with them. By the way, you can check out our great fox pajama onesies to match these two mischievous animals.

In any case, rabbit's feet are real lucky charms. So drop your carrots and adopt these little balls of fur for young & old!

Dressing up as a bunny: when should you do it?

All occasions are good to put on a nice pink, white or blue bunny costume. Cuddles, you will have some at will! But when can you wear a bunny kigurumi?

  • A Child Disguise for Halloween as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland for example.
  • An adult Disguise for a birthday party for child under 5 years old with a magician or clown, don't forget the confetti! In the eyes of your child, you will be a superhero, because all his friends will talk about that birthday party where mom and dad were the mascot.
  • A costume for Easter is ideal, it will be very easy for you to do an egg hunt because our bunny onesies are super comfortable and will leave you total freedom in your movements.

The rabbit is one of the stars of cartoons, movies and fairy tales its place is well deserved in a cosplay festival as a costume, in a carnival, crazy party or any other costume party.

The bunny Kigurumi that you will definitely like:

  • Baby bunny pajamas: thanks to this hooded onesie your baby will be doubly cute. Soft and comfortable, your little one could even sleep without his comforter. He will spend a warm night wrapped up in his bunny kigurumi.
  • Girl bunny pajamas : It's ideal for sleepovers between girls, the bunny in kigurumi pajamas is original just like the unicorn pajamas. It can be used as your robe and you can keep your t-shirt and leggings only in case you get warm.

It is a soft and comfortable nightwear that can also be found in large size

  • Women's bunny kigurumi: Being beautifull with a rabbit onesie is easy, just put your nightgown underneath. To create the surprise effect, nothing better than the zipper present on your suit.

Party sleep, or share a unique moment, the kigurumi bunny is there for you. Become the animal you've always dreamed of being, it's now allowed and if you love rabbits you know what you have to do!

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