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Discover our wide range of Bear Onesie

Although bears should be respected for their strength and imposing stature, we must also recognize that they can become very tender and protective beings. That's why we can find the bear in different formats and places like on statues, in the mountains or in beautiful kigurumis and onesies that will delight any child or adult! You will find below our large selection of onesies of different models and universes. This way you can buy the one you like the most.

For adults or for children, the bear onesies, are unisex and offer several sizes, from size S to size Xxl.

On this way Bear lovers:

Play as one of our mighty grizzly inspired pajamas or give your kids a bear onesie.

The bear is a fascinating wild animal. Imagine: this carnivorous teddy bear populates the forests, the ice floes, and is the subject of many tales and legends.

What is sure is that if you put on one of our bear clothes, you will certainly be able to meet other mammals: majestic wolves, mischievous pandas, or discreet elks.

Better yet, you can follow in the footsteps of the extinct mammoths before your annual hibernation.

Each model in this collection has a unique identity. All you have to do is listen to your heart and make your choice!.

Hibernate like a real ursid with the Kigurumi Bear onesie

This fierce and fearsome animal can be seen represented as a dangerous figure of the animal kingdom, but its pretty head is also used to represent love and tenderness. On the market, you will find many items derived from the bear, because the latter is fashionable. But if there is one item that best represents the bear, it is the bear onesie! Represented with a harmless and affectionate look, you can find all kinds of bear kigurumi models, each representing a bear breed or a particular bear character.

Tenderness and love in a bear pajamas

Without a doubt, by buying one of the bear kigurumis imitating perfectly the features and the shape of bears, these models will delight all your entourage, children, babies, as well as adults! Children like to play and to put themselves in the place of their favorite animal or character. Our bear onesie is perfect because the child will not only be comfortable, warm and cozy, but he will also be able to have fun with his friends while truly embodying the ursid. Moreover, if you decide to buy this kigurumi onesie to your child, you will find yourself with a little ball of fur at home, adorable no? Here you will find several models of kigurumi bear pajamas, of different sizes and models, made of high quality materials, soft, warm and hypoallergenic. Incredible, isn't it? So equip yourself with an adorable bear onesies pajamas to surprise your loved ones or offer one to your child who is a fan of ursids, he will spend warm nights in his nice den!

Bear onesie pajamas, which one to choose :

A bear is a classic onesie pajamas, nevertheless it is one of the original costumes to own for more fun in your wardrobe.

These winter hibernating creatures will really make you want to put on a bear pajama suit as your sleepwear to relax.

Come check out our selection of the most popular onesies!

Polar bear onsie pajamas:

Soft and comfortable, the polar bear kigurumi in white color, could serve you as costumes for costume parties, Halloween or birthday parties.

Great for everyone, women, men and kids, it's an out of the ordinary onesie that could provide a special occasion theme idea for the whole family as well as a way to learn more about polar bears while celebrating.

A pink gloomy bear onesie pajamas:

Who said pink bears don't exist? In the world of kigurumi pajamas they are real! Find this gorgeous long sleeve, pink, soft flannel jumpsuit that's as soft as velvet.

These women's pajamas are awesome! With a hood and slippers, nothing better to create a cocooning atmosphere far from any hassle.

Black Bear onesie for adults

Kumamon is a mascot from Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, popular nationwide and voted best mascot in the country. Black in color, the kigurumi onesie kumamon could be put on for any occasion, theme parties, carnival, cosplay festival, birthday or New Year's party. It could also be an original

A Brown bear onesie pajamas for baby

Cute as anything your little one will look like a real stuffed animal. A cozy and comfortable onesie pajamas that will keep your baby warm and allow him to move easily.

A brown bear kigurumi is: practical, easy to put on, cute and warm!


It's a very fun idea and a nice change from the more traditional Animal onesies. By now you should be convinced by the bear kigurumi onesie, you have no reason to say no to this trendy pajama suit! 🐻

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