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Succumb to the charm of this magical reptile with our Dragon onesie

The dragon, this mythical and chimerical creature comes to us from ancient legends. Mysterious and fantastic, the dragon can be found in fables and various traditions in Asia as well as in Greek mythology. You can now embody this fabulous animal in a beautiful Kigurumi Dragon!

This dinosaur-like creature has inspired several authors of stories and fairy tales, where a prince must rescue a princess from the clutches of a powerful fire-breathing dragon.

The dragon, a symbol of power, majestic, strong and insightful is also found in cartoons, video games and fictional movies.

A dragon pajama onesie, featuring this legendary creature proves to be an excellent choice.

Follow us and you'll find out why!

Dragon Onesies: Make Your night on fire!

Once you've donned a dragon onesie, you'll be able to go on adventures with the lovable Night Fury Toothless, grant wishes as the sacred dragon from Dragon Ball Z Shenron, or ride Firecracker to join Sasha on the road to Pokémon badges!

We can't wait for you to get on the wings of one of these mythological reptile-like creatures and tell us about your exploits!

All of our dragon onisies pajamas are multi-purpose, and you can use them as a onesie, costume, or nightie, to spend relaxing nights or literally "set fire to" your events and parties!

What are you waiting for, go and fulfill your destiny!.

Put on our Dragon Onesie and spit out the flames to become the fiercest dragon ever!

Youngsters aren't the only ones who want to be like this wonderful character! Want to play as even more original dragons? You will find the Chinese dragon, the amethyst dragon or the citrine dragon, so you have a lot of choice... And it's not over, don't forget Toothless, Charmander, Charizard and Spyro, very famous dragons that we discover in movies, cartoons, history books, anime, manga... The best is that they are now available in kigurumi pajamas on our site! To wear absolutely as :

  • Pajamas: enjoy a soft and warm garment to sleep a peaceful sleep. This big winged creature will conquer even the roughest hearts!
  • Disguise: No need to look for outfits to celebrate Halloween, go to a cosplay party or a pajama party. Opt for a dragon costume out of the box!
  • Cocooning clothing: put on this romper and relax on your couch with a good book and good music. Buy some for your kids and your other half too. Be sure to have a wonderful time with your family.

Why do children love dragon onesies so much?

Fairy tales are already present from a very young age. Stories out of the unreal that feed their imagination, this imagination that participates in the development of their creativity and curiosity.

Children identify with the characters in the story and realize that even the bravest heroes have problems, which soothes their inner anxieties.

A story including a problem solving that leads it to a happy ending, is a way to teach children how to deal with their mistakes while giving hope.

Make this wise guardian your life companion

Present in the collective imagination, dragons are fire breathers that have inspired many fabulous animals such as chimeras and gargoyles. In the manga Dragon Ball Z, this animal acts as a protective and wise guard. In Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, or other games like Warcraft and Warhammer, on the other hand, this reptile is rather aggressive and greedy. But one thing is for sure, this incredible creature is a symbol of power, majesty and insight! If you find yourself in these qualities, then don't miss these majestic kigurumi dragon onesies.

This animal is one of those creatures that everyone wants to identify with, especially the little ones! The reason is simple: this animal is very powerful. And apart from breathing fire, it is able to fly to the clouds. Do you want to get into the skin of this legendary and mythical creature? It's now or never!

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