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With the Fox Onesie, have fun with the cutest red mammal!

The fox, this legendary animal, character of stories and fairy tales, 14 fables of the fountain have as a character the fox.

It is a fascinating animal that arouses interest, by its malice, flattery and cunning to get what he wants.

We find the character of the fox in several known tales like that of Pinocchio where the fox does everything to keep Pinocchio from the right path.

It's only natural that such a fascinating animal finds its place in the world of kigurumi. Who doesn't want to be clever, alert and naughty like a fox?

Fox onesies arouses your interest? but you are not too sure of your choice? Don't worry! This article will help you make the right decision.

Be smart and clever as a fox:

Welcome to the land of the smartest furry canine in the animal kingdom!

We love wolves, cats, and dogs, so it was only natural to dedicate a collection of our own to these endearing four-legged creatures.

Our Japanese-inspired fox onesie are inspired by kitsune ("fox" in Japanese).

And our children's onesies are inspired by the little fox cubs and fennecs who are discovering the world and learning to chase the weasel with clumsiness.

There's no age limit on stylish fun, so bundle up quickly in these comforting red coats!.

Go on epic adventures aboard the incredible Kigurumi Fox

Are you in the prime of your life or would you like to give one to a younger loved one? Throw your plans into this very original fox onesie pajamas and get a head start! We don't promise you'll become an expert at chess and poker right away. However, we guarantee that you will be able to pull your weight in any perilous situation!

A fox is the best companion to unleash your animal instincts! Considered a messenger and representing the deity of agriculture in Japan, this animal is known to be very cunning. It is also said that it loves to play tricks with its magical powers.

A coat similar to that of the cunning animal to protect you from the cold

Is there an animal as fascinating as the fox? We doubt it! Present on all continents, except Antarctica, this magnificent carnivore is part of the "canid" species. It is therefore the cousin of dogs, jackals or wolves. But beware, unlike its cousins, this fox is not a mammal that lives in packs. On the contrary, it is very solitary and shares many similarities with the cat.

As for the look, it is hard to make it more elegant and cute! With their long, graceful muzzle and thick tail, foxes are definitely distinguished and charismatic creatures. That's exactly what you'll find in our fox onesie kigurumi: a maximum of comfort and authenticity.

good reasons to choose a Kigurumi Fox

Thanks to its very fun and unique patterns, this fox suit will accompany you every day. It's a very warm and soft romper to ensure you get a good night's sleep under the comforter! But it is also a loose and comforting pajama for your days to cocoon in front of T.V.

Or would you rather impress your friends at a pajama party or a cosplay party? Then this colorful costume will do the trick! The suit has :

  • Large white, orange and black ears
  • Squinty eyes
  • Whiskers
  • Black ankles and wrists
  • A long white tail
  • Large pockets

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