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Lion Onesie: Show your best love for the king of the jungle!

Recreating the famous characters from The Lion King will be a joy for the whole family: Mufasa, Simba, and Scar at home, nothing could be easier!

You can also wear these onesies with elegance and pretend to be the famous sphinx of Egypt. Not bad for a carnivorous mammal, eh?

The little ones will be a delight when they wrap themselves up in a colorful lion onesie with mane, which will protect them daily and give them the courage to take their first steps in this world. Real cute little cubs!

Thanks to the natural serenity of these famous wild felines, you will be able to drift off to sleep with peace of mind!.

All about the Lion Onesies

With its fawn colored livery, our lion kigurumi will be a sensation with adults and toddlers alike. This garment with the effigy of the king of the jungle has a fawn color in its whole except at the level of the belly and the mane which decorates the hood. These are respectively white and brown. The accessory is presented as a very loose romper. It covers the whole body except for the hands and feet. Its long sleeves end at the wrist with a sheathed sleeve. It is the same for the wide and puffed bottom of the pants.

The hood located at the level of the collar, constitutes the key piece of our lion pajama. A true masterpiece, this richly decorated fringe imitates a lion's head to perfection. Raised, it allows to convert the costume into a perfect disguise. It is also adorned with serrated appendages, which act as a mane. Very elegant this garment, will ensure you a success without fault and a fame in your entourage. With it, you will finish with the cheesiness and will position you as a fashion maker. The garment is closed in the front by a set of buttons delicately aligned.

Features of Lion onesie for adults (men/women)

Our lion pajamas are made primarily of fleece, a soft, insulating fabric that is made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate. This easy-care material was invented in 1979 by a Massachusetts company now known as Polartec LLC. This material ensures that our suit is very comfortable. You will fall asleep like a baby and your nights will never have been so light. Your partner will also appreciate the soft caress of this exceptional fabric. It will protect you from the winter cold, while ensuring that you do not feel suffocated. No more insomnia!

With its generous measurements, our lion onesies is entirely dedicated to your well-being. It is cut to allow you to move without hindrance. You will be able to fall asleep in any position without fear of being disturbed in your sleep. Wearing it is a breeze. The buttons on the front allow you to put it on without any outside help. This garment can be used all year round. In hot weather, the fleece fabric lets enough air through to prevent you from sweating profusely. So you have an accessory that adapts to the seasons and bends to all your desires.

Care of the lion kigurumi

Loved by children and adults alike for its softness, the fleece fabric allows you to have sweet dreams at night. However, precautions must be taken when washing, if you do not want your beautiful lion pajamas to lose their softness. Washing in hot and warm water is to be excluded, as well as drying in the machine. It is advised to wash your garment only with articles cut in similar fabrics. Avoid chlorine and phosphate detergents. It is strongly recommended to use a softener to allow this fabric to keep its characteristics.

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