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A Historical Dinosaur Onesie:

Whether you're a paleontology buff or a big fan of the Jurassic Park saga, these soft and fluffy onesies will take you back 100 million years ago, when the world was very different from the one we know.

When you put on one of our dinosaur onesies, you will be able to contemplate majestic sauropods (diplodocus, brontosaurus...), stalk prey in the company of the terrible theropods (Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus...), and spend special moments of relaxation with family or friends.

How can we forget the magnificent Triceratops and the charming Iguanodons, which rocked our childhood?

Did you know that turtles, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and some birds are distant cousins of dinosaurs?

We will never see the little swallows like before, will you?.

Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures that children from 6 to 8 years old love:

This uncontrolled passion for dinosaurs, is quite normal for children, because, this age period the child's imagination is at its peak. The child learns through play, which promotes are learning.

Dinosaurs are fascinating and gigantic creatures in the eyes of a child and the fact that they existed makes them even more enigmatic (its fossils are proof of this).

The dinosaur and a very real mystery to the child and trying to solve all the riddles around this disappearance enhances the child in the first degrees, because he sees himself as an adult person capable of conducting investigations.

The dinosaur is among the most found themes in kindergarten, because it affects the cognitive development of the fact that he will learn to know the names, characteristics and their habitats, their means of survival and much more.

Proud of himself, the child slowly builds a good self-esteem, as he is able to know details about dinosaurs that you parents do not even know, without forgetting the fact of socializing with his peers and sharing the same passion.

Dress up with a Dinosaur Onesie...

Let's not forget the kids costumes and role playing part: pirate, ninja or superhero costumes like Superman, Batman or Iron-man, dressing up as a dinosaur for boys is like dressing up as a frozen for girls.

Approved studies, have shown that, children who have a great interest in dinosaurs are smarter than average. What are you waiting for to give her a great dinosaur kigurumi onesie?

Dinosaur pajama suit, a great gift idea

Wear costumes to access the magical and creative world of our children, party by participating in a cosplay festival or costume parties like a Halloween party or, just stay at home and create that cocooning atmosphere. The dinosaur onesie is at your service.

A dinosaur kigurumi has its place just like the Rabbit, panda, giraffe, pink flamingo, manga or cartoon characters Kigurumi. This zippered sleepwear could be a perfect Christmas gift for the whole family.

For adult, for women and for men this romper that warms us from head to toe is unisex, it is a cozy pajamas for kids.

Women's dinosaur pajamas:
Need a cosplay costume or a kawaii women's costume for a sleepover?

You want to change, unicorn onesies with sequins do not interest you anymore, opt for original disguises, a comfortable and easy to put on onesie dinosaur pajamas proves to be a trendy choice, even for girls, several colors are available we can find it in pink or purple too.

You can even be dressed up inside and put on your shirt, skirt, leggings or nightgown, the kigurumi will serve as your bathrobe or robe.

Boy and man dinosaur pajamas:
You don't need a whole array of costumes for Halloween or a themed party, the dinosaur kigurumi with its hood and slippers is the ideal in addition that all sizes are available, size S, size M, Size Xl and even size Xxl. An evening, pajamas under the theme of dinosaur between fathers and sons for moments of complicity.

Baby dinosaur pajamas:
Winnie the Pooh, tigger, Eeyore and the rabbit have only to hold on, because the baby dinosaurs are coming, cute and multicolored your baby will be warm from head to toe in this cozy kigurumi no need for his flannel blanket.

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