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Panda onesie in four words: original, zen, serenity and well-being

Black and white, sweet and cute, majestic... The giant panda is certainly one of the most emblematic animals of the wildlife. So why don't you dress up as a sweet and cute panda for a unique costume party thanks to the Kigurumi Panda onesie?

If there is a large choice of Kigurumi, from real animals (bear, fox, cat...) to imaginary animals (unicorn, pokemon, dragon...), some allow more than others to dress up in a completely kawaii way. So the Panda is definitely one of the must in the Kigurumi universe!

For Cute Panda Lovers:

Whether you're a fan of the movie Kung Fu Panda or you love bamboo salads, you're bound to find a panda onesie that fits you, we guarantee it!

For kids, what better way to play a little red panda or snuggle up to your favorite giant two-tone mammal before bedtime.

Finally, each panda costume will be a particularly endearing and original companion for growth and development for the little ones. A real black & white plush.

The whole family will adopt them!.

Equip yourself with the Kigurumi Panda onesie and start your yoga session!

Emblematic of the Chinese fauna, the Panda is also in our imagination one of the most beautiful animals that exist on Earth. In danger of extinction, the giant panda has been chosen as the emblem of the WWF and its fight to preserve nature.

This mammal, more precisely this ursid, is known to eat bamboo all day long. So get our adorable Kigurumi Panda to pay homage to him... Be careful with the digestion though!

As a gesture to show your solidarity with the animal cause or simply to enjoy a fancy dress party with friends for New Year's Eve, Carnival or any other occasion, opt for the Kigurumi Panda onesie!

Although the panda is the most beloved mammal in the world, you may prefer another animal. If so, you will surely find it in our adorable collection of Animal kigurumis!

It's not my dark circles, it's my Panda side!

These incredible onesies come straight from Japan, and are called "Kigurumi". In Japanese, Kiru means dress and Nuigurumi means toy animal. In the whole world, these are used for sleeping, but in the Asian country, they are used for any occasion. Indeed, one can often see people in the street with a kigurumi. Why is that? Because there is a whole culture around these pajamas and because many people get jobs in anime conventions or amusement parks wearing kigurumi. So in Japan, they are not considered as pajamas; they are rather considered as a fashionable costume for some years already in this country. Without any doubt, people who wear these kigurumis are fashionable!

The Panda onesie, a classic!

The giant panda is an animal that belongs to the group of omnivorous mammals and is characterized by its black and white color and its taste for bamboo. It lives mainly in the high mountains of China and Tibet where it is also known as the cat bear because of the shape of its eyes.

This animal represents tenderness but also strength, noble and calm spirit, modesty and introspection, but also strength and agility not only physical but also psychological and spiritual. In China and other Asian countries, it is a national symbol. Lovers of this beautiful animal will be delighted to wear these pajamas!

It's no wonder that the panda evokes so many emotions and inspires all kinds of items. From panda kigurumi, as you can see on this page, to slippers, and more!

Pajamas have been used for centuries... With time and the evolution of people's tastes, new models of onesies have been created. In recent years, we have on the market, soft, comfortable and warm pajamas, which allow you to spend a good night, but they can also be used as a disguise!

The panda kigurumis are among the most popular since their launch. The kigurumis have adorable ears and tail, giving each one a very tender and adorable look. It will be great fun for your kids to be able to wear these pajamas at night and have fun before bed. The fact that it is an all-in-one garment may make you think that it is not comfortable to wear or that it is too warm, but don't worry, that is not the case. These pajamas are very comfortable and absorb moisture from your body during the night so the fabric doesn't stick to your skin.

If you like soft animals like the panda, then the Kigurumi Panda will become your favorite garment!

panda onesie : which one to choose ?

You are not a fan of black and white? the red panda and colored kigurumi are here for you.

Red panda onesie

A red panda kigurumi, just as comfortable and soft as the black panda onesie, the only thing that differs is its color. The red panda onesie is black and orange, very fashionable and original, it will make sure you stand out at a costume party for example.

The red panda is small and very cute, native to the Himalayas and southern China, to date their number is estimated at 10,000.

Colorful panda onesie

A colorful panda in the world of kigurumi yes it exists! You are: creative, panda lover and like everything out of the ordinary? The colored panda kigurumi is made for you, you just have to choose your size!

Black and white panda kigurumi

The black and white panda kigurumi is a classic. You want to look like your favorite panda character or as a birthday gift idea to give to a friend who loves pandas a lot why not?

All occasions are good, to put on this very comfortable onesie: for a costume party, mardi-gras, Halloween, birthday parties, sleepovers, don't be embarrassed, it's very trendy.

A two-in-one suit for our little ones, kids disguises or nightwear to warm up in winter, what more could you want?

If you love pandas, advocate for their cause or are just looking for comfort in your clothes opt for a panda kigurumi onesie and you won't regret it!

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